Thank you for your interest in the Dynamic Therapy RCT. We invite you to explore the following webpages which are about how your child can participate in this research project.

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What is Involved?

  • A 15-minute phone interview
  • A Speech Pathology Assessment conducted over 1-2 sessions (120-180 minutes)
  • 18 Dynamic Therapy Treatment sessions conducted by a qualified Speech Pathologist if your child is randomly allocated to the experimental treatment group
  • Collection of your child’s speech data from their regular Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Three probe sessions (gratuity for your time)
  • No cost

Your participation and involvement in the study may be up to 9 weeks.



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Explore what happens before your child participates in the Dynamic Therapy RCT.


Learn more about what is involved during your child’s participation.


Find out what happens after your child has completed their participation in the project.


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Participant Forms

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About the Project

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