Once your child has finished participating in the research study, we will provide you with an assessment report detailing their assessment results.

The children in the experimental treatment group will also receive a speech pathology summary progress report summarising your child’s progress.

You will receive these approximately 2 weeks after your child has finished participating in the project.

Training for your Speech Pathologist

As a thank you to you and your speech pathologist, we will be offering a free training session in Dynamic Therapy to your treating speech pathologist. This will be offered in April or October, depending on when your involvement in the research has finished.


Every 6 months, we will provide you with a Dynamic Therapy RCT Newsletter. This will include a summary of our current results to date, project milestones achieved, and any additional information about the progress of the project.

We will also let you know when published journal articles about this project become available. These will be freely available to you.